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Effortless: The Big Kahuna of Customer Experience

Guest Poster: Chip R. Bell Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker, customer loyalty consultant and best-selling author. His newest book is The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service (www.simpletruths.com). He can be reached at www.chipbell.com.  _____________________________________________________________________ One Sunday evening at my computer, I was online ordering promotional visors from Stitch America in Bremen, Georgia. I had selected […]

To Earn Social Proof, Focus on Stellar Customer Service

Guest Poster: Daniel Tay Daniel Tay is a Content Strategist at Zopim, Editor-in-Chief of We Are Spaces, and sometimes freelance writer / editor. His byline can be found all over the web, but his home is at danieltay.me. _____________________________________________________________________ Have you ever seen a long queue in front of a restaurant and instantly concluded that […]

How to Keep Employees from Becoming Double Agents

Guest Poster: Jeff Toister Jeff Toister is the author of Service Failure: The Real Reasons Employees Struggle with Customer Service and What You Can Do About It. His company, Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. helps clients identify the obstacles keeping them from achieving customer service success. ________________________________________________________________ The double agent looked around nervously to see if […]

Customers and Support: A Social Contract

Guest Poster: Miguel Perez It is my pleasure to introduce Miguel Perez, (mt) Media Temple Engagement Supervisor. Miguel has spent 15 years in customer service. Since coming to (mt) Media Temple in 2008 he’s done front line support, lead a support team, served as a supervisor and now leads the Media Temple customer engagement effort. […]

4 Easy Site Changes to Create a Great Customer Experience

Guest Poster: Matt Powers Matt Powers is an Internet Marketer with Blue Soda Promo. He also does graphic design so he’s a pretty busy guy at work. Off the clock, he blogs here and most nights are spent watching Chicago sports or a good documentary. ________________________________________________________________ We all know what the five second rule is, […]

5 Customer Support Emails that You Must Get Right

Guest Poster: Gregory Ciotti Gregory Ciotti is the marketing strategist at Help Scout, the invisible email management software for small-businesses and startups. Get more customer service content from Greg on the Help Scout blog or stop by and download one of our Customer Loyalty Resources (no charge). _____________________________________________________________________ By now you know that the customer experience […]

Customer Service: What Does Good Look Like?

Guest Poster: Gareth Cartman It is my pleasure to introduce Gareth Cartman. Gareth works with MS Dynamics CRM partner, Preact, and blogs frequently on tech, outsourcing & marketing issues. _____________________________________________________________________ When was the last time you had a really good customer experience? They stand out, don’t they? But do we shout about them? Not usually. […]

Five Ways that Video Matters for Customer Experience

Guest Poster: Andrew Konoff It is my pleasure to introduce Andrew Konoff. Andrew is the Marketing and Community Manager at GoInstant, a co-browsing company. There, he runs a blog that focuses on bringing customer experience management to a broader audience. You can find him on Twitter as @andrewkonoff. _____________________________________________________________________ Last week I decided it was […]