How Eggciting is Great Customer Service?
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How Eggciting is Great Customer Service?


Guest Poster: CTS’ Own Content Master, Tricia Keels


Tricia Keels works with Don’t Panic Management and helps keep the content train on the tracks here at Customers That Stick!

As you are about to learn, she is now the proud owner of chickens. 


I personally relish customer service that is helpful — the kind that strives to solve problems and answer questions I didn’t even know I had. My family and I just experienced that in our recent adventure into acquiring city chickens.

We’ve talked before about industries without major competition and whether or not they are subject to the same customer service standards as those who are. Well, hatcheries in our urban neighborhood aren’t on every street corner, but Meyer Hatchery conducts business like it has competition everywhere.

The hatchery succeeded in creating a great customer experience across numerous touch points.

Their website was educational and easy to navigate

When we learned of this Hatchery, we immediately went to their website and found an online catalog that walked us through the many different breeds. We could quickly see each breed’s disposition, the type of egg it laid, and its hardiness to weather.

They spent time with us and gave us recommendations

Sure, we could order our chicks online, but for some types of transactions, I can read through an entire website and still want to have a conversation with a human. Their automated system easily directed me to Customer Service, and they answered the call promptly.

Columbian-Wyandotte-9725I told them we were new at this and had a few questions. Our representative quickly took us under her wing.  She walked us through the catalog describing features we didn’t even know were available, like finding out the specific hatch days of the breeds we were considering.  She educated us on what to expect as the chicks grew and added personal stories about her own chickens. Then she offered to take our order or to walk us through it online.

Most importantly, we left that phone call with three Columbian Wyandotte chicks on order with a hatch day 10 days out and the confidence to take this new challenge on.

They engaged us through a mailed catalog and text messages

While we waited for Hatch Day, Meyer Hatchery sent us a catalog in the mail. This got the kids and I more excited about what was to come and introduced us to a few more things we might need to know to be successful. To top it off, Meyer Hatchery engaged us further by encouraging us to text “Chick” to receive “eggsclusive” offers. Sure, these are sales tactics, but they also reinforced that Meyer is an active resource and a company that wants to engage with us.

They followed through

The morning of hatch day we received an email telling us our order was ready for pick up. We were, of course, waiting for that call, because we were well aware of the old adage to not count your chickens before they’re hatched.

They set us up for success!

This final touch point is the most important; Meyer’s customer service held our hands through the entire process and made our experience into the unknown an exciting and non-threatening one. The staff’s professionalism and follow-through set Meyer up to be our go-to hatchery as our chicks grow.

You can bet that people in my neighborhood will be asking how we became city chicken owners. And due to the customer service we received during this process, we will simply say Meyer Hatchery.

Photo Credit: Columbian Wyandotte Chicks, Meyer Hatchery

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