Paradox of Choice

A Mash of Monthly Mashes

It has been a great run of mashed up customer service and customer experience tips, tricks and observations, but it’s time to evolve. To commemorate three years of the Monthly Mash, here’s a quick look at some of our favorite original content from the series.


Holiday Shopper Stress | Shopper Holding Head with PresentsVolume 37: November 2014The Sympathetic Holiday Shopper: To be open or not to be open on national holidays.


The Omnipresent Customer | Businessman checks his watchVolume 36: October 2014The Omnipresent Customer: Customers want to talk with us where they want to talk with us, and they want the experience to be seamless across channels.


Paradox of ChoiceVolume 35: September 2014Fewer Choices, More Happiness: A review of the key findings of Barry Schwartz’s book The Paradox of Choice and their relevance to customer experience.


Monthly Mash Talk Isn't Cheap | White speech bubble with talk on itVolume 34: August 2014Talk Isn’t Cheap: If you ever think that basic customer service communication training is unnecessary, think again. Done poorly it can cost a whole lot.


Baseline Customer Service Communication | Tennis Ball on BaselineVolume 33: July 2014Baseline Communication: The baseline is never something to strive for, but all customer-facing reps should be trained to know what it is.


Monthly Mash and Killing Preconceptions | Dog Playing ChessVolume 32: June 2014Killing Preconceptions: A look into how our preconceptions often blind us to opportunity and prevent us from considering alternative approaches.


Monthly Mash | Frozen Yogurt CupVolume 31: May 2014Your Systems Are Only as Good as Your People: Whenever systems require humans, the system will only ever be as good as the people using them.


Bus DriverVolume 30: April 2014The Customer as Bus Driver: The reality is that for all of the talk of revolutionary product development, the customer still drives the bus most of the time.


Monthly Mash | Creating Customers For OthersVolume 29: March 2014Creating Customers For Others: Great customer experience companies know who their customers aren’t and are willing to create customers for others.


cts_post_2012-12_suck-it-up-a-224x148Volume 28: February 2014Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage: When you can’t differentiate your core offering, customer experience can be the ultimate competitive advantage.


Monthly Mash | Dirty Air ConditionerVolume 27: January 2014A Customer Service Exception: A customer’s experience is not always determined by the customer service they receive. When experience and service diverge.


Cover of The Speed of TrustVolume 26: December 2013The Power of Trust: Customers want to deal with organizations that have integrity and have a positive intent that is beneficial to both parties.


Respect, It Matters | Figure BowingVolume 25: November 2013Respect, It Matters: While the concept of respect is highly individualized, the simple courtesies like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are universal.


Monthly Mash, Powerless Customers | Hands in HandcuffsVolume 24: October 2013The Powerless Customer: The antidote to customers feeling powerless is mainly about attitude. It begins with awareness, followed by exceptional levels of communication.


Value of One Customer | Golden OneVolume 23: September 2013The Value of One Customer: What are the ways in which a single customer can add value to your organization?


Monthly Mash and Names as a Two-Way StreetVolume 21: July 2013Names Are a Two-Way Street: It’s important to use our customers’ names but just as important to give out team member names when interacting with clients.


Monthly Mash | Creating Customers For OthersVolume 20: June 2013Customer Service Rorschach Test: Why you should ask your team to finish this sentence, “Customers are __________.”


Monthly Mash and Self ServiceVolume 19: May 2013When Self Service is Great Service: Many customers desire a low-touch experience. Give them what they want.


Untitled-1Volume 18: April 2013Does Your Team Project The Right Demeanor: Customers judge our tone and energy as much as they do what we say. Help your teams learn to find the right voice for each situation. 17: March 2013Is Every Day April Fool’s Day For Your Customers: When businesses do not deliver on the core promises to customers, the result is much worse than an April Fool’s joke.


WhyVolume 16: February 2013Knowing Your Customer’s Why: The first step in designing an incredible customer experience is knowing why your customers are there in the first place.


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By Adam Toporek. Adam Toporek is an internationally recognized customer service expert, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. He is the author of Be Your Customer's Hero: Real-World Tips & Techniques for the Service Front Lines (2015), as well as the founder of the popular Customers That Stick® blog and co-host of the Crack the Customer Code podcast.

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