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How to Handle Unreasonable Customers

5 Ways to Handle Unreasonable Customers

Customers are irrational. They overvalue what they already have, they react differently based on how an issue is framed, and they are less satisfied with decisions when they’ve been given more

Gainesville Police Officer Plays Basketball, Customer Service Lesson

What the Gainesville Police Officer Teaches Us About Customer Service

Last week a video of a Gainesville, Florida police officer following up on a noise complaint went viral. When Officer Bobby White arrived on the scene, he found a group of young kids playing basketball


10 Best Productivity Hacks for Customer Service [SlideShare]

Customer service teams are only as effective as they are productive. With so many organizations and departments spread thin, doing more with less has become the mantra of many customer-facing teams. These

Negativity Bias and Customer Service | Lion Hunting

Negativity Bias and Customer Service

Unfortunately, for those working in customer experience and customer service, human beings are inherently biased towards negative information. It is why the local news is known for “if it bleeds, it

5 Principles for Great Restaurant Customer Service

5 Principles for Great Restaurant Customer Service

Restaurants are one of the few truly universal industries because almost everyone has familiarity with them. From a customer service perspective, this makes restaurant customer service particularly challenging 

Should Customer Service Reps Start with their Best Offers? | People at table talking

Should Customer Service Reps Start with their Best Offers?

Customer service in the real world sometimes comes down to a negotiation. When you have an issue to resolve, often you and your organization are trying to find a way to make the customer happy without


3 Questions to Ask Before Launching Live Chat for Customer Service

At CTS Service Solutions, we believe one of the best ways to improve  customer experiences is by making interactions ad easy as possible and by decreasing the hassle-factor. Enter live chat. Live chat

Woman Holding Help Sign | Self Service Shold Never Mean Solo Service

Self Service Should Never Mean Solo Service

Technology is an integral part of frontline customer service. From information kiosks to digital signage, from mobile point of sale devices to the customer’s own smartphones; technology is part and

Holiday Customer Service | Red Gift Boxes

6 Ways to Kickstart Your Organization for The Holiday Shopping Season

With the official Black Friday starting gun for the holiday season now officially fired, we thought we would share some tips for helping you prepare your teams for the remainder of the season. Remember,

Hero-Class Customer Service | CTS Man With Cape

A 3-Point Checklist for Reducing Customer Hassle

“First, do the customer no harm.” The Hero-ClassTM Oath One of the interesting things about writing a book are the things you leave out. I am wrapping up the final edits on my upcoming customer service

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