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Want To Help Your Customer | Man With Taped Mouth

Want to Help Your Customer? Then Just Shut Up

There are two words of advice that all good salespeople and customer service reps know: Shut Up Customer service and sales are remarkably similar in this respect. When confronted with a prospect or a customer


How to Create a Customer Service Mindset with One Question

Customer service is about attitude first, skills second. All of the product knowledge and technique training in the world will not produce results if a customer facing professional (CFP) is not trying

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value: A Non-Geek's Guide | Blackboard equations

Understanding Customer Lifetime Value: A Non-Geek’s Guide

What is Customer Lifetime Value and Why Is It Important? Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) attempts to determine the economic value a customer brings over their “lifetime” with the business. 

Paper Smile Face, Business Concept

National Customer Service Week 2011: What’s Your Plan?

This week, October 3-9, marks National Customer Service Week (NCSW). NCSW was established by proclamation of President Bush (#41) in 1992. The beginning of the proclamation reads: In a thriving free enterprise

Pride Creates Bad Customer Service

How Your Pride Is Losing You Customers

In customer service, pride is a double-edged sword. Pride in your organization can cause team members to go the extra mile. However, pride of the don’t-disprespect-me variety can cause team members

What is Excellent Customer Service Survey

What Is Excellent Customer Service?

Customer service is one of those topics where it is easy to speak in broad generalities. Sayings such as the customer is always right and service begins with a smile easily convey basic, unqualified principles

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