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5 Customer Service Lessons from American Ninja Warrior

As we close out season 7 of American Ninja Warrior this evening, I thought it would be fun to talk about Ninja Warrior and customer service. The Ninja Warrior competition has a number of parallels to

Is Twitter THE Channel for Customer Service? | Twitter Bird on Key of Keyboard

Is Twitter THE Channel for Customer Service?

Twitter understands that it is often a channel for immediate customer response, and it is not only embracing its role as a customer service channel but beginning to focus on selling itself as an indispensable

TMI from Frontline Reps; It's Deadly - Rep with hand over mouth

TMI from Frontline Reps; It’s Deadly

We’ve all had that awkward moment. We’re shopping in a store or asking about the product we ordered, and the frontline rep we’re interacting with starts to overshare. We hear about their life story,

Are You Customer Service Reps Eating the Marshmallow | Picture of Marshmallow | Walter Mischel's Marshmallow Experiment

Are Your Customer Service Reps Eating the Marshmallow?

In yesterday’s Monday Motivation, a Monday email sent to subscribers to our eNewsletter The Customer Conversation, we spoke about Walter Mischel’s famous  experiment on self control and delayed

One Company's Inattention Is Another's Opportunity

One Company’s Inattention Is Another’s Opportunity

A few weeks ago, I stopped by a big box electronics store to make a quick purchase. I had dropped my wife at an appointment and decided to run a few errands until she was done. In this brief trip, I was

Be Your Customer's Hero Cover | Customer Service Book

The Official Book Launch and 72 Hours to Claim Gifts

THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!   The big day is finally here! Today is the official launch of Be Your Customer’s Hero. To celebrate the launch and to try to work

The Ultimate Starter Guide to Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment the Smart Way

This morning we released CTS Service Solutions’ Ultimate Starter Guide to Employee Empowerment. This guide walks those new to the idea of strategically and consciously attempting to increase employee

Be Your Customer's Hero Customer Service Book

The New Book Revealed: Be Your Customer’s Hero

Service triggers that set customers off. Power words that influence customer perception. Go-to tactics that turn difficult situations around. My new book Be Your Customer’s Hero: Real-World Tips and

Understanding the Other Side of a Bad Customer Experience | Noodles being spooned into takeout box

Understanding the Other Side of a Bad Customer Experience

Creating great customer experiences and delivering great customer service almost always boils down to one thing: being able to understand the experience of customers — to walk a mile in their shoes


Customer Information Form Basics: What You Need to Know

The words Big Data are spoken every day in corporate offices around the world. And the benefits of it to companies and customers is, well… big. And while Big Data is becoming more accessible to small

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