7 Secret Customer Service Techniques | Free eBook Cover

7 Secret Customer Service Techniques Every Expert Knows: Our eBook is Here!

As of April 2015, this eBook has been retired. You now receive 3 FREE sample chapters from Be You Customer’s Hero when you join The Customer Conversation.

It’s done!  …  Mission accomplished!  …  C’est fini!

I am extremely excited to announce that our new eBook 7 Secret Customer Service Techniques Every Expert Knows is being released this afternoon.

And best of all, it is FREE!

7 Secret Customer Service Techniques | Free eBook Cover

Customer Service Techniques for The Real World

The reason I wrote this book is to give busy business owners and managers a to-the-point, no-nonsense guide to help them quickly transform their customer service.

Hero-classTM customer service is not easy, but significant changes can be made more easily than most people think. The 7 Secret Techniques is designed to create a path for rapid and lasting change that will help organizations take their customer service to the next level with quick successes. Read More

Is Great Customer Service Enough | Pan Am TV Promo

Is Great Customer Service Enough?

Obviously, we focus almost exclusively on the topics of customer service and the customer experience here at Customers That Stick. We believe that a great customer experience and superior follow up  are some of the key differentiators between a healthy organization poised for long term success and an unhealthy enterprise bleeding out its potential future.

Such lofty beliefs in the power of great customer service beg a simple question: is great customer service enough?

The answer is just as simple:

No, it is not.

When I refer to great customer service (which we will use in in broadest sense to include the larger customer experience), I am not comparing it to incredible customer service or amazing customer service. I am not asking is great enough because it is not a strong enough superlative, as if great doesn’t cut it but incredible does. I am asking is great customer service, in and of itself, enough to make an enterprise successful?

And again, the answer is no. Customer service is not the only component of a successful organization.

  • You need sales and marketing to effectively generate customers.
  • You need operations and distribution to make sure products are delivered to market.
  • You need accounting and finance to effectively manage cash flow and financial risk.
  • And you need legal and IT to give you a reason to drink after work. 🙂

Read More

Customer Service Qualifications | Businessman Crying

7 Customer Service Qualifications Everyone Must Have

Who is the ideal candidate for a customer service position? What qualifications should that person have to succeed?

Customer Service Qualifications | Businessman CryingSince customer service in inherently broad in scope, stretching across industries, sectors, and environments, no definitive set of qualifications exists. The skills one needs to deliver great customer service will differ between a wholesale jet fuel company and a strip center ice cream shop.

Yet, despite this diversity of circumstance, all customer service has human interaction at its core. No matter the situation, customer service is always about people helping other people, and as such, certain attributes are universally helpful for customer facing professionals (CFP’s) to have.

Qualifications for Customer Service

Below are 7 key qualifications for customer service that are essential for every customer service representative:

  • Empathy — The ability to understand where others are coming from is fundamental for those who work with customers. CFP’s must be able to relate to how their customers are feeling in order to help replace those feelings with more positive ones. Read More