How Customer Service Training Is Like a Hollywood Love Story | Lovers in Paris

How Customer Service Training Is Like a Hollywood Love Story

How Customer Service Training Is Like a Hollywood Love Story | Lovers in Paris

Love stories in the movies, whether in the form of romantic comedies or more sentimental Nicholas Sparks-esque vehicles, have one similar device: the movie ends when the two love interests finally get together.

Usually, the couple has overcome obstacles that have kept them apart — either self-inflicted or environmental — and the movie closes when they are finally together, in each other’s arms, music crescendoing in the background as they start their new life together.

Romantic movies end there for one simple reason: what comes next is not romantic.

What comes next is bills and careers, crying babies and sleepless nights, and deciding whose going to leave work to pick up little Johnny from school.

What comes next is life, with its ups and downs, its highs and lows.

It can be messy, it can be complicated, and it is the reality that follows the fantasy at the end of the movie. Read more

Video interview with Jay Baer about Social Media Customer Service ? Picture of Jay and a camera

Social Media Customer Service with Jay Baer (Video)

Video interview with Jay Baer about Social Media Customer Service ? Picture of Jay and a camera

I had the pleasure to speak with Jay Baer for our new “Expert Interviews” series on YouTube.

Jay is a renowned business strategist, keynote speaker and the New York Times best-selling author of five books who travels the world helping businesspeople get and keep more customers. He recently wrote a fantastic book on social media customer service called Hug Your Haters.

Now, I don’t say this about many books, but Hug Your Haters is a “must-read” if you are involved in customer service in any capacity. Because today, if you’re in customer service, you’re in social customer service — one way or another. Read more

The Importance of Listening in Customer Service | Lady on Phone

The Importance of Listening in Customer Service

The Importance of Listening in Customer Service | Lady on Phone

Everyone who has ever worked in a customer service capacity knows that we won’t always have the ability or resources to solve every customer problem we encounter. What we can do each and every time we speak with a customer is offer them our attention, by listening to their needs in an engaged manner and responding appropriately.

Listening forms the foundation of any effective customer service interaction, and it is one of the most powerful tools available for turning a negative experience into a positive one.

Research has shown that both participants in a conversation feel better when they perceive the other party is engaged in active listening, meaning that it has the potential to increase satisfaction for both customers and employees.

Here are a few ways that listening is important to customer service: Read more

How to Build Customer Loyalty through Consistency

How to Build Customer Loyalty through Consistency

Customers are creature of habits.How to Build Customer Loyalty through Consistency

They like the comfort and convenience of predictable customer experiences. For all of the talk about WOWing customers, it is consistency that is the secret sauce in customer experience.

In fact, consistency is one of the three aspects of Hero-Class® customer service that I outlined in Be Your Customer’s Hero.


Because consistency is incredibly difficult to achieve, which means that those who can deliver it can differentiate their organization from the competition.

Consistency is one of the best ways to differentiate through customer service. Click To Tweet

Why Consistency Works

In the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal, the author contends that 40% of what we do each day is based in habit.

Habits can be extremely powerful. They operate at a subconscious level, causing us to function on auto-pilot. If you can addict a customer (in a win-win, good for everyone kind of way), you can keep that customer for a very long time. Read more

9 Customer Service Training Ideas That Work

9 Customer Service Training Ideas That Work

Looking for ideas to help focus your customer service training and get results? Far too often, managers, business owners, and organizational leaders struggle with how to effectively train their frontline teams.

9 Customer Service Training Ideas That WorkOf course, nothing can replace formal, professional training, but leaders can accomplish a great deal by focusing their efforts on customer service training ideas that have proven to be effective.

Here are nine ideas that can help any organization focus on training that works. Read more

Why Amazon Will Swallow Almost Everyone

Why Amazon Will Swallow Almost Everyone

Amazon. The name itself perfectly captures the essence of what the company has become.

Why Amazon Will Swallow Almost EveryoneIt is the largest, dominant feature in its ecosphere. It provides sustenance to those who use its resources. It serves as an economic engine for those whose livelihoods center around it. And nearby bodies of water feed it more than they compete with it.

A few recent interactions with Amazon demonstrate how the company is slowly but surely going to swallow almost everyone. While these examples are certainly anecdotal, they seem to exemplify larger trends in Amazon’s continued growth and increasing dominance.

The Same-Day Suitcase

We needed a new suitcase, and our options were simple:

  • We could go to the traditional mall or outlet mall and hope to find a suitcase that matched our needs. A multi-hour proposition with a dicey chance of success.
  • We could research local retailers through phone or web for models and inventory, buy it online or call to have them set it aside, and then drive to the store to pick it up.
  • We could find the brand online and either buy it directly from the manufacturer or go bargain hunting on a variety of discount and often dubious websites, creating new logins, adding new account info, and navigating unfamiliar shipping policies and procedures.

Read more

8 Ways to Be Your Customer's Hero

8 Ways to Be Your Customer’s Hero

It’s official! We’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Be Your Customer’s Hero!

By focusing on the skills frontline teams need to successfully navigate relationships and interactions with customers, Be Your Customer’s Hero has directly impacted customer-facing teams and businesses teams all over the country and the world.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of HERO, we thought it would be fun to put together an infographic on customer service techniques and tips from Be Your Customer’s Hero.

Our Customer Service Infographic

Customer Service Infographic: 8 Ways to Be Your Customer's Hero

Improve Your Frontline Customer Service

Interested in upping your team’s service game? Dig deeper into Be Your Customer’s Hero using the links below.

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When a Customer Refuses Your Help

When a Customer Refuses Your Help

When a customer refuses help, it can sometimes feel personal, like a form of rejection. As I’ve interacted with frontline reps, both as a speaker, a trainer, and a customer, I’ve seen how the simplest, most benign “no” from a customer can cause a customer-facing professional to shut down.

It’s almost as if you can see the thought bubbles above service reps head.

  • When a Customer Refuses Your Help“Can’t you see I’m trying to help you?”
  • “Really, I just want to do this, because it’s a benefit for you.”
  • “I’m just trying to do my job.”

Sometimes, this is a personality issue; it’s just how the rep is wired.

Sometimes, it is a training issue; the rep fails to see that their job is making the customer happy not performing Task X.

Often, it’s a bit of both.

Read more

Interview: GetApp's Top 25 Customer Service Apps

Interview: GetApp’s Top 25 Customer Service Apps

Suzie Blaszkiewicz, GetApp

Suzie Blaszkiewicz, GetApp

Interview: Suzie Blaszkiewicz of GetApp

Suzie Blaszkiewicz is a market analyst and content editor for GetApp. 

GetApp offers a digital comparison tool of customer service software and recently published a report on the Top 25 Customer Service Apps.

Suzie speaks with us about the methodology behind the study and some of the surprising results. If you’re interested in customer service software, make sure to check out the interview.


You recently published a report on the Top 25 Customer Service apps on the market today. What methodology did you use to determine this?

“Our ranking uses five unique data points to create a Top 25 list that provides a snapshot of the leading options for customer service software for small and mid-sized businesses.

Interview: GetApp's Top 25 Customer Service AppsThese data points are reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security.

Reviews looks at the number and rating of reviews on GetApp, giving a sense of user perception of the application.

Integrations is based on the number of integrations listed on GetApp, giving a better idea of the maturity of a product and how it might integrate with other common software that’s already being used.

Mobile app availability pulls data from Google Play and the App Store to see an app’s rating in both stores.

Media presence uses followers and fans from Facebook and Twitter to discern the relative popularity of an app.

Security is based on a vendor-completed security survey comprising 15 questions.

Each of these data points is scored out of 20, for a total possible score out of 100.”

Read more

To WOW Customers, Listen and Care

To WOW Customers, Listen and Care

Back in 2012, I wrote about the concept of 5-Second WOWs — small, simple actions that allow organizations to create memorable moments for customers without a lot of investment or time.

My wife and I recently experienced one of these WOW moments while traveling, and the experience perfectly demonstrated how easily you can WOW customers by simply listening and caring.

A Quick Getaway

Back in January, we took a quick weekend trip to Costa D’Este Beach Resort and Spa in Vero Beach, Florida.

To WOW Customers, Listen and CareOne of the features that attracts us to Costa D’Este is that it is a dog-friendly hotel. Since Vero Beach is driving distance for us, Costa is the perfect place to go for a quick weekend getaway with our Chief Happiness Officer, Dalton.

Now, when I say Costa is dog friendly; I should more aptly say dog-awesome!

They love dogs (well, at least our dog), and every staff member we have encountered on our numerous stays has gone out of their way to remember his name.

We never met a staff member that was standoffish or who gave us the “oh great, they have a dog” look.

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