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How Good Marketing Can Create Bad Customer Service

  Jayme Soulati Our guest post author for this installment of the Customer Service Stories series is Jayme Soulati, President of Soulati Media, Inc. Soulati Media delivers business-to-business social

The Welcomer Edge by Richard Shapiro

The Welcomer Edge: An Interview With Author Richard Shapiro

I had the opportunity this past week to sit down with Richard Shapiro and talk about his recently released book: The Welcomer Edge: Unlocking the Secrets to Repeat Business. Richard embraces the concept

What Is Customer Service?

What Is Customer Service?

What is Customer Service? It is the most fundamental of questions. Like many concepts, customer service seems to be in the eye of the beholder, a Rorschach test for how one views business and, to some

What Is Great Customer Service | Man Stands Out

What Is Great Customer Service?

We wanted to try something a little different with this installment of the “What-Is” series and create a blog post completely written by our community. If you read blogs with any regularity, you know

Launch of Customers That Stick | Rocket Graphic

The Launch: Customers That Stick

Welcome to the soft launch of our new site, Customers That Stick. Our official launch is tomorrow, March 7th, but today I wanted to take a moment to introduce the new site and to thank those who helped

Win a Free Kindle Fire

The Final Post and Win A Kindle Fire

As many of you know, we will be launching our new blog at the beginning of March Like all good things, this Customer Service Experience blog must come to an end. Today’s post

Customers That Stick

Monthly Mash: Customer Experience Tools and Customers That Stick

Volume 4: January 2012 Mashup Welcome to the Monthly Mash, a mashup of tools, tales and tips on customer service and the customer experience from around the blogosphere. Customer Experience Resource: Customers

Awful Customer Service | Jigsaw from Saw

Why Your Awful Customer Service Sucks For Me

Dear Fellow Business Owner / Manager, Let’s face it — your service sucks. Bad. Now, I’ll be the first to admit my service sucks on occasion too. But in my defense, my sins are unintentional. I am

Bank Convenience, Piggy Bank with Handcuffs

Bank Convenience: Are You Being Held Hostage To Bad Service?

Chances are you have an account with a big bank. No, really. There is almost a 1 in 2 chance that you have an account with a Top 10 bank and a 1 in 3 chance that you have an account with one of the Top

Customer (Dis)Service CNBC Documentary

Customer (Dis)Service: Inside the CNBC Documentary

On Thursday, January 5th, CNBC aired a documentary entitled Customer (Dis)Service. I had hoped to blog about the documentary as it ran, but alas, the hotel I was staying in did not carry CNBC. Fortunately,

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