Customer Service Documentation

5 Reasons Customer Documentation Is at the Heart of Great Service

Do you want to know one of the essential signs that a company has a Hero-ClassTM Customer Service culture? Customer documentation.

Yes, I said documentation.

Okay, I can hear you now: Booooorrrring. And you’re right: it is. But it is also crucial.

Documentation is one of the secret ingredients of a customer-centric organization, and it is one that few people talk about.

If I speak with an owner or manager and want to know how serious they are about creating a customer-centric culture, one area I will ask about is their system of customer documentation.

Good documentation makes Hero-Class Customer Service™ possible!

Documentation versus Information

Customer Service DocumentationDocumentation is a part of customer information, the non-sexy party. Customer intelligence is finding out things like birthdays, competitive experiences, and personal preferences — things you can use to customize and personalize the customer experience as much as possible. Read More