Keys to Documenting a Customer Interaction

7 Keys to Documenting a Customer Interaction

Last Thursday, we discussed the importance of documenting customer interactions in 5 Reasons Customer Documentation is at the Heart of Great Service. In that post we discussed how important documentation is to a great service culture.

Yet, it is not enough just to value good documentation, team members should also understand the best way to document a customer interaction.

Before we delve into the documentation itself, I feel compelled to share the most important rule in all of customer documentation:

Keys to Documenting a Customer InteractionYou must have a CRM system that is right for your business, your budget and your team.

In today’s complex, information-soaked world, you will get nowhere using a system that does not handle the basic information needed to effectively manage your customer experience.

Of course, your system does not have to be perfect. If you work for an organization whose CRM system does everything and records everything in exactly the most efficient and effective way possible let me know; I might need to interview the CIO.

Assuming you have a system in place that enables your team to properly record and share information, the next question becomes what do you document. Read More

Customer Service Documentation

5 Reasons Customer Documentation Is at the Heart of Great Service

Do you want to know one of the essential signs that a company has a Hero-ClassTM Customer Service culture? Customer documentation.

Yes, I said documentation.

Okay, I can hear you now: Booooorrrring. And you’re right: it is. But it is also crucial.

Documentation is one of the secret ingredients of a customer-centric organization, and it is one that few people talk about.

If I speak with an owner or manager and want to know how serious they are about creating a customer-centric culture, one area I will ask about is their system of customer documentation.

Good documentation makes Hero-Class Customer Service™ possible!

Documentation versus Information

Customer Service DocumentationDocumentation is a part of customer information, the non-sexy party. Customer intelligence is finding out things like birthdays, competitive experiences, and personal preferences — things you can use to customize and personalize the customer experience as much as possible. Read More