Anatomy of a CSP (Infographic)

Anatomy of a Customer Service Professional (Infographic)

A lot goes into being a customer service professional (CSP) — forethought and intuition, planning and adaptability — and effective CSPs make sure that they are using their abilities completely in the service of customers.

We thought it would be fun to take a look at the anatomy of a customer service professional. The infographic below shows how head, heart, and even feet combine to make a CSP that is able to provide Hero-Class Customer Service™.

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What Marketing Needs to Know About Customer Loyalty

What Marketing Needs to Know About Customer Loyalty (Infographic)

Customer retention and loyalty are significant profit drivers for most organizations, as we demonstrated in our own customer retention infographic a few months ago. In most cases, retaining existing customers is more profitable than acquiring new ones.

Are you spending more on marketing than you are on maintaining your current customer base? Statistics on retention like the ones below show that you might want to evaluate that strategy in your own industry and organization.

The folks at Keepify sent us the below infographic: 14 Customer Experience Facts Marketers Can’t Ignore that contains a nice packaging of statistics on customer retention and loyalty.

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Customer Retention by the Numbers | Customer Service Infographic

When Customers Stick: Customer Retention by the Numbers (Infographic)

From small businesses to huge corporations, everyone wants to know the secret to keeping customers. How do we earn repeat business for years and years to come?

In the infographic below, we use various customer retention statistics to break down the three most important aspects of customer retention:

  • Why Customers Leave
  • Why Customers Stick, and
  • Why Retained Customers Mean Money

Understanding customer retention begins with understanding the drivers behind customer loyalty and defection, then this understanding must be supported by organizational buy-in to the economic benefits of retention. The retention statistics below can support this process in your organization.

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Bad Customer Service Costs You, Big Time

I enjoyed this excellent infographic from the folks over at Help Scout. The infographic, originally posted by Gregory Ciotti on the Help Scout blog, curates a number of well-known statistics with some lesser-known data to synthesize a graphic that shows how costly customer service can be.

A few standout takeaways serve as great reminders:

  • Customers will tell more people abut a bad experience than a good one,
  • A huge number of companies feel they offer great customer service, but their customers do not feel the same way, and
  • It’s a lot more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one.

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10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

Infographic: What Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

The following infographic — 10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them — comes from Gregory Ciotti at the Help Scout blog.

What I love about this graphic is the crossover between psychological research and actionable customer service teachings. Here are 3 of my favorite points from the infographic:

  • Customers will stick with your loyalty program if you get them started.
  • If you are struggling to innovate, your customers are a great resource.
  • Selling “time” over money helps customers see the value of your brand. Read More