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Customer Service Hero

Slideshare: What is a Customer Service Hero?

On January 28, 2013, we introduced a new way to define ideal customer service. We had a lot of fun putting together our concept of Hero-Class Customer Service™, a concept that stems from the belief

What You Don't Want Me Thinking | Thumbs Down

What You Don’t Want Me Thinking When I Buy From You

The other evening my wife and I were discussing where to go to dinner when I said, “Let’s go to that place with the fancy nachos I like; you know, the one with the crappy service.” Unfortunately,

7 Secret Customer Service Techniques

3 Things You May Have Missed in CTS’ First Year

One year ago today we officially launched Customers That Stick! Being part of a strong blog community (or many communities, if that is the way you like to view it), it is easy to forget that not everyone

Hero-Class Customer Service | CTS Man With Cape

What is Hero-Class Customer Service? Part 2

In our last post, What is Hero-Class Customer Service? Part 1, we discussed why we like the term Hero-ClassTM Customer Service and the characteristics that customer facing professionals need to become


What is Hero-Class Customer Service? Part 1

I’ve searched for a long time for a phrase to describe a level of service that is both amazing in its quality and impressive in its delivery. Sure, I’ve used the typical phrases for years — world-class