What is Hero-Class Customer Service? Part 1

I’ve searched for a long time for a phrase to describe a level of service that is both amazing in its quality and impressive in its delivery.

Hero-Class Customer Service | CTS Man With CapeSure, I’ve used the typical phrases for years — world-class customer service, platinum-level customer service, 5-star customer service — and so on. But these phrases are common, and as such, have many meanings.

What you mean when you say “world-class customer service” and what I mean can be two completely different things.

I wanted a phrase that was not overused and that had a specific meaning. A term, well, that could have a specific definition.

In the end, I chose Hero-ClassTM Customer Service.

What is Hero-ClassTM Customer Service?

The phrase Hero-ClassTM Customer Service embodies the concept that every delivery of superior customer service involves a hero of some sort. They might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or control sea creatures telepathically, but the customer facing professionals who deliver consistently excellent customer service are heroes to their customers.

In a world filled with poor service, administrative hassles, and a digitally-distracted populace, the attention and focus great customer service reps give their customers makes them heroic to most.

What Are the Qualities of a Customer Service Hero?

My original framework for this section referenced Joseph Campbell’s construction of the hero’s journey. In thinking about the matter, however, a customer service hero is a hero in a different sense. Read More