Site Changes to Create a Great Customer Experience

4 Easy Site Changes to Create a Great Customer Experience

Guest Poster: Matt Powers

Matt Powers Guest PostMatt Powers is an Internet Marketer with Blue Soda Promo. He also does graphic design so he’s a pretty busy guy at work. Off the clock, he blogs here and most nights are spent watching Chicago sports or a good documentary. ________________________________________________________________

We all know what the five second rule is, right?  If a piece of food drops on the floor, you have five seconds to pick it up before you should throw it away.  However, as a UX (user experience) designer, my interpretation is a little different.

If a user cannot find what he/she is looking for on a specific site in 5 seconds, they will leave your site and not come back.

That is why user experience is an absolute must when it comes to customer service.  If you are able to make your website as dummy-proof as possible for the user, they will easily be able to reach their end-goal. More importantly, you will accomplish your end-goals, which are gaining customers and increasing revenue.

The following 4 tips can easily be applied to any small business or e-Commerce site. We included some actual examples of how these changes were implemented and the results they had on Blue Soda Promo, an e-Commerce site that offers promotional products and customized apparel.

Before They Buy, the User Must Trust

Tip: The Internet is an endless web of sites trying to take your money.  Most users trust Google to point them in the right direction and leave it up to you to convince them they have come to the right place.

When they first arrive, it is important to make them feel right at home. Remember, users won’t always land on the homepage. This is why the combination of web design, product selection and trust symbols should play a prominent role on each and every landing page.

Changes made: Our site always had a solid design with trust symbols. Yet Blue Soda Promo felt it necessary to make the site even more user-friendly. We took the time to compile a strong list of testimonials from past customers, create a “meet the team” section full of pictures and biographies, and launch a section for our awards and certifications.

Results: Both new and past customers loved it. The three short videos we put on the site generated 17k views in the last two months alone. Customers now even ask our account mangers about information directly from their bio. Read More