What Great Brands Do
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What Great Brands Do


What Great Brands Do with Denise Lee Yohn | Bright Penguin

I had the pleasure to catch up with my friend and brand expert Denise Lee Yohn at Medallia’s recent Experience 17 conference (to which Medallia provided me a free ticket). Denise spoke at the event about the key concepts in her book What Great Brands Do.

Denise’s seven tenets of what great brands do are as follows:

  • Great brands start inside
  • Great brands avoid selling products
  • Great brands ignore trends
  • Great brands don’t chase customers
  • Great brands sweat the small stuff
  • Great brands commit and stay committed
  • Great brands never have to “give back”

What I love about this message is that many of these concepts are counterintuitive; they are not among the first things that come to mind when you hear discussions of great brand.

As a big proponent of culture as a key ingredient of customer experience, I find the first principle “great brands start inside” to be among the most important.

Check out the brief video below to hear Denise and I discussing how important it is for brands to start inside and why sweating the small stuff is so crucial.

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