Monthly Mash and a Customer Service Rorschach Test
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Monthly Mash and a Customer Service Rorschach Test


Welcome to the Monthly Mash, a mashup of tools, tales and tips on customer service and the customer experience from around the blogosphere.

Volume 20: June 2013

Thoughts on the Customer: A Customer Service Rorschach Test

Here’s a fun game to play with your team. Ask them to fill in the blank with the first word that pops into their head.

Customers are _____.

I learned this trick from a friend who was a psychology major in college. The test he gave me was to fill in the phrase people are _____ with the first word that came into my head.

Customer Service Rorschach Test | Cartoon of Person Deciding Between Two PeopleIn this test, the respondent is not supposed to think, just to say the first word that pops into their head. If the test is being done with multiple people, each person should be isolated; otherwise, everyone else whom hears the question will have time to think of an answer.

The theory is that the immediate answer, too fast to be filtered, gives you the most honest answer and indicates your general outlook towards people (and life). So, if you answer people are fun you might be a little more positive than if you answer people are jerks.

In that spirit, asking your team members to fill in the phrase customers are ____ might provide you some interesting insights.

Let me say for the record that based on the last few decades of research in psychology and brain function, the answer to this single question is certainly not scientific proof of a person’s outlook. So, please, do not fire someone if their answer is “customers are a pain-in-the-ass.”

That being said, if the weakest service provider on your team replies with customers are jerks, perhaps there is something deeper in their outlook that is causing them to deliver poor service. The answer to the question, positive or negative, can provide a nice pretext for exploring a team member’s attitudes towards customers.

As for me, I’ll just end by saying that customers are awesome (except when they’re not)!

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