The Podcast So Far This Season
Adam Toporek Keynote Speaker of Customers That Stick®

The Podcast So Far This Season


The spring season of the Crack the Customer Code podcast is over halfway done, and we’ve had some amazing guests and discussions this season.

Below is a recap of the episodes so far this season. Make sure to check them out on your favorite podcast player or using the links below.

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Podcast Episodes to Improve Your Customer Experience

445: Christine Rimer, Learning from the Data

2020 changed a lot of things for both customers and customer experience leaders. If there’s one person who can give us insights on how the pandemic shaped customer experience for 2021 and beyond, it’s SurveyMonkey’s VP for Customer Experience, Christine Rimer!

446: Digital Customer Behavior

Stay-at-home orders have expedited businesses’ implementation of new technology in their customer journeys. In this episode, Jeannie and I chat about how to leverage on the technologies commonly used in customer service, such as chatbots, AI and machine learning, and future trends in the digital transformation of customer experience.

447: Steven Van Belleghem, The Offer You Can’t Refuse

Can businesses come up with an offer that their customers can’t refuse? Steven Van Belleghem joins us in this episode to talk about his latest book, “The Offer You Can’t Refuse” and the future of customer experience. He believes in the combination of common sense, new technologies, an empathic human touch, playing the long-term game, and taking your social responsibility to win the hearts and business of customers over and over again.

448: How Will Consumer Sentiment Affect CX in 2021?

There’s no going around the pandemic when we’re talking about customer experience, so it’s crucial for every business to consider what will return to normal and what will stay as it was for most of 2020. Learn which pandemic-driven customer experience changes are here to stay and which ones will revert to pre-pandemic normal in this episode.

449: Ross Wainwright, Alida: Truth in Action

As Alida’s leader, Ross Wainwright firmly believes in a world where the best business decisions are those made with customers, not for them. We’re excited to chat with him about how he led Alida’s cultural, branding, technological, product and service transformation in the midst of a pandemic, and the valuable lessons in the process.

450: Gain Insights Through Community

We don’t normally think about how useful active communities can be, so we don’t always engage with them to make them more active and consequently useful as sources of insights. Your customers have a wealth of insights on ways that you can improve your product and overall customer experience. Nurturing an active community develops your relationships with your customers and gives you access to those insights.

451: Ramon Ray, Small Business Experience

Customer experience is important for small businesses, and technology has become a fundamental ingredient in the customer journey that customers expect from businesses that they work with. We’re excited to chat with Ramon Ray about the big role of technology in the improvement of customer experience and how to select which tech to incorporate in your customer journey.

452: The Customer Experience Goalposts Keep Moving

Gladly’s 2021 Customer Expectations Report is out with some very interesting findings. Learn how the pandemic influenced customers’ expectations and how you can stay proactive to meet these expectations right here!

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