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If I Lose A Customer | Bottle In Desert

If I Lose a Customer…

…I have failed. Failed to provide enough value. Failed to listen closely enough. Failed to communicate effectively enough. Not every customer lost is a failure. People move out of the market, people

The Ritz-Carlton's Famous $2,000 Rule | Customer Lifetime Value | Bell Desk

The Ritz-Carlton’s Famous $2,000 Rule

How much would you empower your employees to serve your customers? The Ritz-Carlton has put a number to that very question. If you’re one of their customers, the good news is that… The Ritz-Carlton

Are You Making Brand Deposits | Starbucks Cup of Coffee

Are You Making Brand Deposits?

The post below is partially excerpted from our upcoming eBook 7 Secret Customer Service Techniques Every Expert Knows! Learn more about our new eBook at the bottom of this post. One of my favorite concepts

Definition of Customer Loyalty: Dog Waiting on Dock

The Definition of Customer Loyalty

I have been trying to find a good definition of customer loyalty in this wide world of the Internet, and I have come to the conclusion that 1) no one has figured out how to define customer loyalty or 2)

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