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The Worst Way to Call a Customer

The Worst Way to Call a Customer

A well placed call to a customer can be one of the most valuable forms of communication in today’s business environment. When you make a sincere, customer-focused outbound call, you are using one

7 Insiprational Customer Service Stories | Rock Climber

7 Inspirational Customer Service Stories

Great customer service stories fascinate us. Perhaps because they represent the customer service we rarely experience. Perhaps because they restore our faith in our fellow human beings. The stories that

Understanding the Other Side of a Bad Customer Experience | Noodles being spooned into takeout box

Understanding the Other Side of a Bad Customer Experience

Creating great customer experiences and delivering great customer service almost always boils down to one thing: being able to understand the experience of customers — to walk a mile in their shoes


Documentation and a Tale of Four Phone Calls

The following is a post from Tricia Keels, Social Media Manager here at CTS. What I like most about Tricia’s story is that it demonstrates how great systems and training can make a high effort experience


How Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

In the days that followed Maya Angelou’s recent passing, people from across the world took time to remember the woman and her body of work. One of  Maya Angelou’s most popular quotes that


Empowered To Solve The Problem

Recently my family became urban chicken farmers. After six weeks living in an indoor “coop” under a heat lamp, our new pets were ready to move outside. Our next step: get a coop. We turned to the Internet


How Eggciting is Great Customer Service?

Guest Poster: CTS’ Own Content Master, Tricia Keels Tricia Keels works with Don’t Panic Management and helps keep the content train on the tracks here at Customers That Stick! As you are

Soutwest Airlines Customer Experience | WiFi Refund Email

Southwest Airlines: A Service Recovery Surprise

Back in March, we took a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to San Diego. It was a fairly lengthy flight, so I had planned on catching up on work using the airline’s WiFi. Unfortunately, things

Put the Customer Ahead of Customer Service Checklist

Putting the Customer Ahead of the Customer Service Checklist

As managers and owners, we have to take care that the systems we put in place to manage and ensure great customer experiences do not create robotic procedures that can be counter to the very experiences

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What Color Is the Sky in Your Customer’s World?

We speak a lot in customer experience and customer service about dropping the ball. About… Our failure to provide adequate service. Our failure to communicate. Our failure to meet or exceed customer

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