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What Color Is the Sky in Your Customer’s World?

We speak a lot in customer experience and customer service about dropping the ball. About… Our failure to provide adequate service. Our failure to communicate. Our failure to meet or exceed customer

A Tale of Two Returns

A Tale of Two Returns

Last week, I wrote about my experience at the Apple store in Even the Apple Store Isn’t the Apple Store Every Day. In that post, I mentioned that I was referred by an Apple employee to a “cell phone”

Apple Store Isn't Always Apple Store

Even the Apple Store Isn’t the Apple Store Every Day

We live in a world of mythologized companies, and in the customer service sphere, few companies are as mythologized as Apple. From Apple’s revolutionary product design to the experience design of

Customer Service Training: Principles Over Procedures | Food Sign with Seagulls

Customer Service Training: Principles Trump Procedures

Last week, I went to a national “market” restaurant to grab a quick lunch. I do not go to this chain often but have been an infrequent customer since I discovered it back in 1993. So, I have a bit

Don't Stalk Me: A Customer Experience Cautionary Tale | Cheetah in Grass

Don’t Stalk Me: A Customer Experience Cautionary Tale

Guest Poster: Sean McGinnis It is my pleasure to introduce Sean McGinnis. Sean McGinnis is founder of 312 Digital , a company that provides digital marketing training for business owners, marketers, consultants

Guitar Center Customer Service | Green Guitar

Rock N’ Roll Customer Service at Guitar Center

If you’ve seen my about page, then you know I grew up in the music industry. As a result, I have formed expectations of what I expect from a retail music store. My recent experience with Guitar Center

Office Depot Customer Service | Purple Clipboard

Office Depot Customer Service: Competition Is Right Next Door

I am pleased to introduce Donna Gurnic, our Market Development Coordinator here at CTS Service Solutions. After hearing about Donna’s Office Depot story, I encouraged her to share it in her own voice

Sometimes WOW Only Takes 5 Seconds | Johnny Rockets Employee

Sometimes WOW Only Takes 5 Seconds

My wife and I were at a local mall this past Sunday and stopped in a Johnny Rockets restaurant for lunch. If you are not familiar with Johnny Rockets, it’s a Fifties diner themed restaurant (my description,

Shep Hyken

Customer Service Story: Shep Hyken’s Classic Taxi Tale

I wanted to share a great customer service story from customer service speaker Shep Hyken. Shep’s story of his encounter with a Texas taxi driver is a classic and demonstrates how any person or organization

Healthcare Customer Service | Hand Stitches

Just Sit There and Bleed: A Tale of Healthcare Customer Service

Author’s note. This incident occurred around three years ago. All times and dialogue are approximate. Company and personnel names have been changed to protect the guilty. We have all experienced

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