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7 Secret Customer Service Techniques | Free eBook Cover

7 Secret Customer Service Techniques Every Expert Knows: Our eBook is Here!

As of April 2015, this eBook has been retired. You now receive 3 FREE sample chapters from Be You Customer’s Hero when you join The Customer Conversation. It’s done!  …  Mission accomplished! 

Is Great Customer Service Enough | Pan Am TV Promo

Is Great Customer Service Enough?

Obviously, we focus almost exclusively on the topics of customer service and the customer experience here at Customers That Stick. We believe that a great customer experience and superior follow up  are

Customer Service Qualifications | Businessman Crying

7 Customer Service Qualifications Everyone Must Have

Who is the ideal candidate for a customer service position? What qualifications should that person have to succeed? Since customer service in inherently broad in scope, stretching across industries, sectors,