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Customer Information Form Basics: What You Need to Know

The words Big Data are spoken every day in corporate offices around the world. And the benefits of it to companies and customers is, well… big. And while Big Data is becoming more accessible to small


What Email Support Tone Do Customers Prefer?

According to Help Scout, 94% of all online retailers provide email customer service. That means that a significant number of interactions with customers are made through email. Software Advice, a website


5 Customer Service Language Hacks

Language is important not just to how we communicate with our customers but to how we communicate with ourselves. The right words can put an irritated customer at ease and help you approach difficult situations

Customer Communication Checklist | Hand with pen and check boxes

A Quick Customer-Facing Communication Checklist

At the core of all customer experience is communication. Communication helps direct a customer to the right department, helps make a customer feel valued, and helps give context to a product or service.

Email Screenshot

What Color Is the Sky in Your Customer’s World?

We speak a lot in customer experience and customer service about dropping the ball. About… Our failure to provide adequate service. Our failure to communicate. Our failure to meet or exceed customer

Simple Customer Communication Wins

5 Quick Customer Communication Wins

Sometimes, the simplest things get lost in the sea of complexity that is modern business. In customer experience optimization, many initiatives are complicated, requiring challenges like increased budgets,