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Do Customers Prefer a Call Back? This Study Says YES

“I’m busy right now. Let me call you back.” This is a statement that one can be very forgiving of when it comes from a long-time friend but not so forgiving of when it comes from a company. But is

Managing Customer Expectations

9 Keys to Managing Customer Expectations

Managing customer expectations. Few phrases sound as common yet betray such a fantastical goal. The concept itself, to some degree, is misleading. So many variables go into creating customer expectations

Is Your Customer Service Remarkable | Orange Man Against Crowd

Is Your Customer Service Remarkable?

What makes your company and your service stand out from the crowd? Do your customers rave about your business when speaking with friends and family? Are your customers thinking about the standards of excellence

How to Be a Good Customer | Young woman, money in mouth

How to Be a Good Customer: 16 Ways to Not Be a Jerk

Here at Customers That Stick, we focus on customer service from the perspective of customer-facing professionals and companies. Yet, customer service is inherently a two-way street, and when you talk about

What is Excellent Customer Service Survey

What Is Excellent Customer Service?

Customer service is one of those topics where it is easy to speak in broad generalities. Sayings such as the customer is always right and service begins with a smile easily convey basic, unqualified principles