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Documentation and a Tale of Four Phone Calls

The following is a post from Tricia Keels, Social Media Manager here at CTS. What I like most about Tricia’s story is that it demonstrates how great systems and training can make a high effort experience


Faces of Customer Experience: David Janusz

Meet David Janusz! While not an adherent to astrology, I am a true Cancer in that my work history is riddled with lateral moves. I’ve been a paper boy, a janitor, a paint factory worker, a waiter, a


Faces of Customer Experience: Richard Shapiro

Meet Richard Shapiro! Richard loves being involved in an industry that has a direct impact on improving customer service for us all. As President of The Center For Client Retention, he has a clientele


3 Customer Service Lessons I Learned From Kids

When we opened and closed our first backyard restaurant in 2012, we had no idea it would become an annual event. It was just my family of five entertaining and acting on our then 7-year-old’s desire


How Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

In the days that followed Maya Angelou’s recent passing, people from across the world took time to remember the woman and her body of work. One of  Maya Angelou’s most popular quotes that


Empowered To Solve The Problem

Recently my family became urban chicken farmers. After six weeks living in an indoor “coop” under a heat lamp, our new pets were ready to move outside. Our next step: get a coop. We turned to the Internet

USB Cable | Effortless Big Kahuna of Customer Experience

Effortless: The Big Kahuna of Customer Experience

Guest Poster: Chip R. Bell Chip R. Bell is a renowned keynote speaker, customer loyalty consultant and best-selling author. His newest book is The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service (

Customer Service Training: Principles Over Procedures | Food Sign with Seagulls

Customer Service Training: Principles Trump Procedures

Last week, I went to a national “market” restaurant to grab a quick lunch. I do not go to this chain often but have been an infrequent customer since I discovered it back in 1993. So, I have a bit

Angry Guy Yelling

Why I Don’t Call Out Bad Companies by Name on This Blog

I have a terrible customer service story to share. It is a story of bait and switch advertising so blatant that everyone I tell it to is shocked by the brazenness of it. People literally get mad just hearing

Office Depot Customer Service | Purple Clipboard

Office Depot Customer Service: Competition Is Right Next Door

I am pleased to introduce Donna Gurnic, our Market Development Coordinator here at CTS Service Solutions. After hearing about Donna’s Office Depot story, I encouraged her to share it in her own voice

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