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Handling Customer Threats | Angry Guy In Laptop

A Brief Philosophy of Customer Service Capability

We are moving one of our businesses today, so I thought I would keep this post quick and dirty. I want to briefly share my concept of customer service capability. When it comes to the capability of team

Renting Customers Space in Your Head | Retro No Vacancy Sign

Are You Renting Customers Space in Your Head?

One of my favorite ideas is the concept of letting people “rent space” in your head. The idea is based on the premise that people only have power over our emotions to the extent that we allow them

Negativity In Training | Smiley Face, Positive Side of Negativity

Why You Should Introduce Negativity Into Your Training

If we listened to pop psychology adages, we would never introduce negativity into team training. For example, a famous phrase of self-development leader Tony Robbins is “You are what you focus on.” And

Pride Creates Bad Customer Service

How Your Pride Is Losing You Customers

In customer service, pride is a double-edged sword. Pride in your organization can cause team members to go the extra mile. However, pride of the don’t-disprespect-me variety can cause team members

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