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10 Best Productivity Hacks for Customer Service [SlideShare]

Customer service teams are only as effective as they are productive. With so many organizations and departments spread thin, doing more with less has become the mantra of many customer-facing teams. These

Luke Rees of Accuracast Headshot

Omnichannel Customer Service with the Human Touch

Guest Poster: Luke Rees The following is a guest post from Luke Rees, a digital marketing executive at AccuraCast who writes extensively about technology, ecommerce, and trends in the search market industry. Luke

Paradox of Choice

Monthly Mash and Fewer Choices, More Happiness

Welcome to the Monthly Mash, a mashup of tools, tales and tips on customer service and the customer experience from around the blogosphere. VOLUME 35: September 2014 Thoughts on the Customer: Fewer Choices,


5 Customer Service Language Hacks

Language is important not just to how we communicate with our customers but to how we communicate with ourselves. The right words can put an irritated customer at ease and help you approach difficult situations


Faces of Customer Experience: Jess Greene-Pierson

Meet Jess Greene-Pierson! Jess Greene-Pierson is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Zendesk. Jess shares her passion for building better relationships with customers and improving the customer experience


3 Customer Service Lessons I Learned From Kids

When we opened and closed our first backyard restaurant in 2012, we had no idea it would become an annual event. It was just my family of five entertaining and acting on our then 7-year-old’s desire


Faces of Customer Experience: Annette Franz

Meet Annette Franz! Annette Franz, CCXP is Director, VOC Consulting at Confirmit. Through her blog, CX Journey, Annette shares her passion for helping companies transform their cultures to ensure the


Customer Service Throwback Thursday

A friend sent me this checklist she found while cleaning her mother’s room. We could not find the company that produced it, but it appears to have been created in 1969. The list includes 10 timeless


Faces of Customer Experience: Saori Yunomura

Meet Saori Yunomura! Saori grew up in Japan near Tokyo and lived in Texas, Arizona and California since college. She has worked for airlines, hotels and cruise tours, covering a variety of customer service


How Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

In the days that followed Maya Angelou’s recent passing, people from across the world took time to remember the woman and her body of work. One of  Maya Angelou’s most popular quotes that

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