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Documentation and a Tale of Four Phone Calls

The following is a post from Tricia Keels, Social Media Manager here at CTS. What I like most about Tricia’s story is that it demonstrates how great systems and training can make a high effort experience


Customer Service Throwback Thursday

A friend sent me this checklist she found while cleaning her mother’s room. We could not find the company that produced it, but it appears to have been created in 1969. The list includes 10 timeless


How Do You Make Your Customers Feel?

In the days that followed Maya Angelou’s recent passing, people from across the world took time to remember the woman and her body of work. One of  Maya Angelou’s most popular quotes that

Is Great Customer Service Enough | Pan Am TV Promo

Is Great Customer Service Enough Now?

This post was originally posted in August 2012. Since that time I have seen the idea customer experience improvement consistently increase in popularity. That is a good thing, and hopefully, our discussions


You Tell Us: How Do You Define Great Customer Service?

During the launch of Customers That Stick in March of 2012, we created a user-generated blog post to answer the question: What is Great Customer Service? The concept behind the post was for me to get out

Office Depot Customer Service | Purple Clipboard

Office Depot Customer Service: Competition Is Right Next Door

I am pleased to introduce Donna Gurnic, our Market Development Coordinator here at CTS Service Solutions. After hearing about Donna’s Office Depot story, I encouraged her to share it in her own voice

Customer Service Adequate Resources | Original Ford Assembly Line

Great Customer Service Begins With Adequate Resources

One of the least talked about aspects of customer service is resource sufficiency, and yet, all great customer service begins with this one fundamental notion: that you have the resources in place to

Is Great Customer Service Enough | Pan Am TV Promo

Is Great Customer Service Enough?

Obviously, we focus almost exclusively on the topics of customer service and the customer experience here at Customers That Stick. We believe that a great customer experience and superior follow up  are

What Is Great Customer Service | Man Stands Out

What Is Great Customer Service?

We wanted to try something a little different with this installment of the “What-Is” series and create a blog post completely written by our community. If you read blogs with any regularity, you know

Customer Service Stories Header

Customer Service Stories: Introducing The New Series

Last Saturday, I wrote that this blog would be changing tack and focusing on the customer service experience. One of the most exciting aspects of this conversion is the launch of the Customer Service