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One Company's Inattention Is Another's Opportunity

One Company’s Inattention Is Another’s Opportunity

A few weeks ago, I stopped by a big box electronics store to make a quick purchase. I had dropped my wife at an appointment and decided to run a few errands until she was done. In this brief trip, I was


Faces of Customer Experience: Nicole Miller

Meet Nicole Miller! My name is Nicole Miller and I graduated in 1990 at Marymount University where I received a bachelors degree in business and fashion merchandising. Since graduation, I have always

Monthly Mash | Frozen Yogurt Cup

Monthly Mash and Systems Are Only as Good as Your People

Welcome to the Monthly Mash, a mashup of tools, tales and tips on customer service and the customer experience from around the blogosphere. VOLUME 31: MAY 2014 Thoughts on the Customer: Your Systems Are

How to Handle I'm Just Browsing | Sandals on rack

How to Handle “I’m Just Browsing”

Often in retail, you will approach a customer to offer assistance and be given some version of the browsing response. “I’m just browsing.” “Just looking.” “Just killing time.” Generally,

For Your #CustServ Front Lines: Remember One Thing

For the #CustServ Front Lines: Remember One Thing

Whenever we can personalize a customer experience, we have gone a long way towards making that experience great. Every customer wants to feel valued, to feel special, and personalizing the customer’s

A Tale of Two Returns

A Tale of Two Returns

Last week, I wrote about my experience at the Apple store in Even the Apple Store Isn’t the Apple Store Every Day. In that post, I mentioned that I was referred by an Apple employee to a “cell phone”

The Great Retail Experience Race | Infographic

The Great Retail Experience Race: Interview and Infographic

The folks at Software Advice, a site that reviews and compares customer service software, released an interesting infographic a few weeks ago entitled The Great Retail Experience Race. The infographic

Apple Store Isn't Always Apple Store

Even the Apple Store Isn’t the Apple Store Every Day

We live in a world of mythologized companies, and in the customer service sphere, few companies are as mythologized as Apple. From Apple’s revolutionary product design to the experience design of


Less Staff, Better Customer Service? The JCPenney Plan

Technology is shaping how companies interact with customers. From social media to big data, from CRM systems to GPS tracking, almost every company’s relationships with its customers are shaped by technology. Despite