Adam Toporek

Dynamic customer service keynote speaker

Adam's innovative approach to delivering customer experiences will inspire you and help you drive results!

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Customer Service Training

Live and virtual customer service workshops

It's not a lecture; it's an experience! Energy, humor, and powerful techniques combine to turn ordinary team members into customer heroes!

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Be Your Customer’s Hero

The ultimate book on frontline customer service

If you interact with customers directly, HERO will forever change how you approach customers and interact with them.

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See how Adam & CTS can take your customer service to the next level!

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Customer Service Training that Gets Results!

Change how your team thinks about and interacts with customers. Your team will learn how to...

  • Eliminate the mental blocks that prevent them from succeeding with customers
  • Use specific communication hacks designed to make every customer interaction smoother
  • Develop a toolkit of techniques that can help them succeed in any customer situation

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A Customer Service Keynote Speech that Inspires Action!

Adam's innovative approach to delivering customer experiences will inspire you and help you drive results! Give your audience a customer service keynote speaker that will help them:

  • Learn how to avoid the 7 service triggers that set customers off
  • Discover the one-hour journey map exercise that can revolutionize your team's thinking
  • Learn how to make customer irrationality work for you, not against you

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"Adam is a dynamic, articulate, and highly-informed guest who was completely prepared and ready for the podcast recording. The back and forth discussion was filled with useful tips and real-world examples of how to provide top level customer service. I highly recommend Adam for both radio and podcast shows. "

J V Crum III host of Conscious Millionaire Podcast


"I thought it was amazing! I learned so much about how to deal better with customers. My favorite thing was learning about the triggers, what makes someone tick, what makes customers feel ignored or abandoned and then how to work around that emotion. He was really fun. He was really interactive. He also totally understood us and made the effort to get along with us."

Tasmy Social Media, Now Larimar Resorts

In Control.

Is this how you feel when you work with customers?

If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Customer service can be incredibly difficult.

However, with the right mindset and skills, it can be easier. In Be Your Customer’s Hero, Adam Toporek gives you a playbook to succeed in any customer-facing role.

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“Be Your Customer’s Hero will inspire you to create effective and rewarding customer experiences. This book does more than just teach customer service skills; it also presents a powerful worldview of how we should view and treat our customers. Be Your Customer’s Hero is a must-read for every person in a customer-facing role.”

Jack Canfield

Author of The Success Principles and co-creator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Be Your Customer’s Hero is the Swim with the Sharks of customer books! Over 80 quick-to-read chapters are stuffed full of tasty how-to morsels for every person on the front line and in the C-suite. If you want to build a customer centered culture, this book will help get you there fast.”

Chuck Wall

Author of Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers