What Do We Know About Big Data? (Infographic)
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What Do We Know About Big Data? (Infographic)


The business intelligence company Jaspersoft did a very interesting Big Data study, surveying 1,600 of its community members. Jaspersoft included  many of its findings in a nice infographic, which we share below.

As you will note, companies are embracing Big Data more than ever and becoming more comfortable with its place in organizational priorities.

Here are a few of the survey findings that should be of interest to most customer experience professionals:

Where do we get Big Data?

  • 40% comes from CRM systems
  • 27% comes from e-Commerce
  • 15% comes from Retail POS systems

Where is Big Data being used?

  • 48% in Customer Analytics
  • 45% in Experience Analytics

Whether in our organizations or in our personal lives, Big Data will continue to have an increasing presence. Our mobile lives will be at the center of this change, especially with techniques like Geofencing coming into prominence. Both the promise and peril of Big Data should be on the radar of not only all customer experience professionals but of all citizens.

What do you think about Big Data? How does your organization use it?


Jaspersoft Big Data Survey Info

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