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Adam was a speaker in our customer event. His session was AMAZING. Adam was engaging, funny, the audience LOVED him and the feedback was great!



Deliver the best customer experience in your industry by leading a team of customer heroes.


Give your customers the smooth, easy experiences they demand by removing friction from their journeys.


Use psychology-based communication to influence customer behavior and emotions.

"The keynote is just one part of the total experience."


How to Lead a World-Class Customer Experience Team

How can you get your team to deliver the experiences you expect?

In this dynamic keynote, Adam provides unique insights into the leader's role in creating powerful customer experiences and gives you the keys to putting theory into practice with his 3E Leadership Framework. This is not a general leadership talk; this is a laser-focused presentation on how to lead a customer-centric organization.

Participants will leave energized and with a toolbox of actionable strategies so that they can apply what they've learned immediately in their organizations.

Your participants will learn:

  • The one action they must personally take to ensure they get buy-in from their team.
  • The approach that almost every organization gets backwards when training their employee.
  • The biggest mistake leaders make when empowering frontline teams.

After this motivating and "actions-packed" keynote, participants will have the strategies needed to lead any customer-facing team.


Paving the Path to Positive Customer Journeys

How do you generate the emotions that lead to customer loyalty?

Customer emotion has an outsized impact on customer experience, and hassle a can be a significant source of negative emotion.

By eliminating these frustrations from our customer's journey, we open a path for positive emotions to define the customer experience, creating better memories and more loyal customers.

This dynamic keynote will reveal a 3-part approach to making your customer's experience hassle-free.

Your participants will learn to...

  • Understand customer hassle and why it's more than just effort.
  • Identify the hassles your customers face using a variety of sources.
  • Eliminate hassles from your journey by focusing on five root causes.

You will leave this keynote with actionable strategies for creating hassle-free customer experiences that pave the way for positive customer emotions that lead to loyalty.


Use the Psychology of Language to Supercharge Your Customer Experience

How much more effective would your team be if they could choose the right words at the right time?

How much more successful could your team be if they could structure communication for maximum impact?

In this revolutionary keynote, Adam Toporek embraces the latest research in neuroscience and psychology to show audiences how to use language to create emotionally impactful customer experiences.

Participants will learn how the words we choose and the words we use shape our customers' experiences and will leave equipped with specific actionable techniques that will help them create better customer experiences, better employee experiences, and even better relationships.

Your participants will learn...

  • The most dangerous word in the world and how to avoid using it with customers.
  • How individual words, even out of context, can have a dramatic impact on customers.
  • Why "those who frame the experience, dictate the experience" - for better or worse.

After this humorous and thought-provoking keynote, your participants will never look at communication the same way again.

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