Confident. In Control. Successful.

Is this how you feel when you work with customers?

If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Customer service can be incredibly difficult.

However, with the right mindset and skills, it can be easier. In Be Your Customer’s Hero, Adam Toporek gives you a playbook to succeed in any customer-facing role.

Jack Canfield

Author of The Success Principles and co-creator of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

A must-read for every person in
a customer-facing role!

Be Your Customer’s Hero will inspire you to create effective and rewarding customer experiences. This book does more than just teach customer service skills; it also presents a powerful worldview of how we should view and treat our customers. Be Your Customer’s Hero is a must-read for every person in a customer-facing role.

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You will learn over 80 concepts and techniques, including how to…

  • Direct your focus where it gets results
  • Understand why customers behave the way they do
  • Redirect difficult conversations with just one move
  • Stand your ground without upsetting customers further
  • Resolve virtually any customer service issue with a proven process

You’ll also learn these powerful tips:

  • 7 Service Triggers you must avoid
  • 10 power words that supercharge your customer communication
  • 13 go-to tactics for defusing angry customers

Be Your Customer’s Hero is the single resource that can help you gain confidence, be in control, and become successful in any customer-facing role.


Wow! Adam packs a punch with this book.

Wow! Adam packs a punch with this book. And I love that its intended audience is frontline employees. Make no mistake; it would do no harm for executives or managers to read this book, too, but there are plenty of CX books written specifically for them. This book is for anyone who interacts with customers and wants to know how to deliver a great experience for them.

Be Your Customer’s Hero is comprehensive, covering every angle imaginable to help employees better understand customers and empathize with them, all in the name of delivering a great experience. The book is crammed full of practical advice that they can use everyday – and will want to refer back to often.
Annette Franz
Founder, CX Journey
For franchise operators, Be Your Customer’s Hero is the perfect training-in-a-box!

Having worked with numerous national franchise brands and now leading my own, I’ve seen how franchise owners struggle to get their frontline teams to deliver great service consistently. Adam Toporek has created a book that will help everyone, from unit operators to franchise leadership, bridge the disconnect between the training manual and the service floor—a book that will both motivate employees to want to deliver great customer experiences and show them how. For franchise operators, Be Your Customer’s Hero is the perfect training-in-a-box for their business-in-a-box.
David Long
Co-founder and CEO - Orangetheory Fitness
Adam's approach... is sorely needed!

Let’s face it, customer service is difficult for both customers and service providers. Adam’s approach to understanding, appreciating and serving the customer is sorely needed in the world we live in today. In Be Your Customer’s Hero, Adam Toporek tackles not just the theory of customer service strategy, but the day-to-day actions that can truly elevate the experience for customers and employees alike.
Jeannie Walters
CEO, 360Connext and Co-Host, Crack The Customer Code
Provides the easily digestible techniques your teams will need

Relationships in business aren’t created in the C-Suite. Relationships are born out of the interactions between your customers and front line staff. Be Your Customer's Hero provides the easily digestible techniques your teams will need to bridge the gap between transactional service and building customer relationships for life.
Stan Phelps
Founder of
Even though there are plenty of books on customer service these days I find this one to be particularly ground breaking and that is because the author Adam Toporek gets right to the heart of the problem. …Great subject, great book read it and learn.
Daniel B. Beaulieu
Amazon Reviewer
Will help close the gap!

In many customer service situations, a gap exists between what is a routine transaction and what could be a memorable experience. Adam Toporek’s book, Be Your Customer’s Hero, will help close that gap.
Steve Curtin
Author of Delight Your Customers: 7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary
The Swim with the Sharks of customer books!

Be Your Customer’s Hero is the Swim with the Sharks of customer books! Over 80 quick-to-read chapters are stuffed full of tasty how-to morsels for every person on the front line and in the C-suite. If you want to build a customer centered culture, this book will help get you there fast.
Chuck Wall
Author of Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers



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