Video Customer Service Training with Jeff Toister

Jeff Toister | Toister Solutions

Jeff Toister is the author of Service Failure: The Real Reasons Employees Struggle with Customer Service and What You Can Do About It. His company, Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. helps clients identify the obstacles keeping them from achieving customer service success. Jeff recently launched his new customer service video training series with, and I […]

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Customer Experience: How Minor Issues Create a Major Impact

The Little Things

I was staying at a large hotel chain in the Southwest United States earlier this week and received an unfortunate but stark reminder of how minor customer experience mishaps, delivered in succession, can accumulate for a major brand impact. For someone who speaks and writes about customer experience and customer service, I feel I am […]

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Customer vs. Client: Is There A Difference?

Customer vs. Client

A “customer” can be defined in different ways, as can a “client.” How do you know when a customer is a client, or the other way around? Should you treat a customer any differently than you would a client? Does it even matter? The answer is, it depends. But before we weigh in on the […]

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Faces of Customer Experience: Debbie Szumylo

Debbie Szumylo | Faces of Customer Experience

Meet Debbie Szumylo! Debbie specializes in helping organizations balance employee engagement, customer experience & business results. She has consulted and coached financial institution executives on improving the experience they delivered at the branch level. Debbie has dedicated countless hours to research that leads to understanding the customer and employee experience – and in turn, helping define […]

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One Customer Is All It Takes…

Value of One Customer | Golden One

As we touched on recently in the The Magic Number in Customer Experience is Two, we can easily get sucked into data, cohorts, personas, analytics and the like and forget about the individual nature of our customers’ experiences. On the front lines and on the Internet, one customer can have a marked impact on our organizations. […]

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Great Retail Greetings: A Win for Customer and Culture

Great Customer Greetings _ Giant Eagle Market District

We’ve written previously about the concepts of primacy and recency. They dictate that in any encounter we tend to remember what happened first and what happened last.  As customer service professionals, we know that first impressions matter, but what if you used that first impression to set the stage for your customer and your employee? […]

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