7 Inspirational Customer Service Stories

October 22, 2015

Great customer service stories fascinate us. Perhaps because they represent the customer service we rarely experience. Perhaps because they restore our faith in our fellow human beings.

The stories that resonate the most tend to be the ones that touch the heart or make us feel inspired. Most of these stories tell a tale of connection — of one person going out of their way to make another feel good.

To examine the place customer service stories have in our lives and to collect some of our favorite stories, we have created a dedicated page of Inspirational Customer Service Stories.

Here is a preview of the stories you will find examined there:7 Insiprational Customer Service Stories | Rock Climber

  1. A Target Employee Becomes a Career Counselor — This Target employee went above and beyond the call of duty when a teenage boy came in to buy a tie.
  2. A Lost Giraffe Gets a Day at The Ritz — When his son lost Joshie the Giraffe at a Ritz Carlton resort, his father asked the staff for a favor and had his expectations blown away.
  3. A Waitress Serves Heroes Who Become Her Heroes — This waitress decided to buy a couple of firefighters a free meal, and she could never have imagined what would happen next.
  4. A McDonald’s Worker Abandons His Register — When an elderly disabled man approached the register at a busy McDonald’s, the cashier left his register, but he didn’t leave his customer.
  5. A Lost Lego Gets Ninja Treatment – When this young child wrote to Lego about the toy he lost, this Lego rep made two fans for life — the boy and his father.
  6. A Hotel Takes Birthday Surprise to the Next Level — A brief comment a few month’s earlier about my wife’s birthday turns into a Hero-Class® WOW start to a birthday weekend.
  7. A Trader Joe’s Employee Brightens a Customer’s Day — When this mother of adopted children hit the breaking point, a Trader Joe’s employee delivered the right gesture at the right time.

Want to read the stories?

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