Are You Celebrating #CXDay Tomorrow?

October 6, 2014

Are you familiar with CX Day?

CX Day is dedicated to celebrating customer experience and professionals who work in the customer experience field. CX Day is held on the first Tuesday of October, so this year it is being celebrated tomorrow, October 7, 2014.

CXDay Logo

CX Day is created by the Customer Experience Professional’s Association (CXPA), to which I belong. In this second year of the event, the CXPA has taken it to a new level with a variety of activities that provide ways for almost anyone to participate. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • 26 Local Networking Events
  • Company Events touching 24,000+ employees
  • 7 Online Events, including webinars, Google Hangouts, and Twitter chats

The online events, in particular, are accessible from anywhere and promise to contain some great information. In fact, my buddies Jeannie Walters and Annette Franz Gleneicki are leading and moderating a number of the events. Here is a sample of the topics being covered:

  • Linking CX Strategy to Corporate Strategy & Brand Values (Google hangout)
  • Communication: A Pillar of Customer Experience Success (Twitter conversation)
  • Unlocking Employee Enthusiasm for Customer Experience (Google hangout)

Make sure to check out some of these great events tomorrow and, if possible, to bring CX Day to your organization.

To learn more about CX Day, go here. (link no longer active)

To register for the online events, go here. Note, some events are being held today in the United States, so they fall on CX Day overseas. (This event has now passed. Sign up is no longer available.)

And to share the CX Day love tomorrow, make sure to use hashtags #cxday and #ilovecustomers.

Happy CX Day!



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