Can I Get a Customer Service Job Without a Degree?

January 31, 2020

Can you get a customer service job without a degree?

There are absolutely a wide variety of customer service jobs that do not require a college degree. Many customer service jobs are designed for entry-level employees and a degree is not a prerequisite. 

A college degree shows up in customer service jobs in a few ways. 

First, when applying for the job, you may be competing with people who do have a degree, and even though one is not required, those who have a degree may have an advantage, assuming other factors are relatively equal. 

Second, there are customer service jobs requiring specialized knowledge that often will require a degree. Perhaps if you’re working the technical support line for something like a medical device, a drug, tax software, or certain higher-end technology applications. 

So, while there are some cases where service jobs require specialized knowledge and, as a result, a degree, you can get most customer service jobs without having one.



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