From the Archives: Losing a Customer Means…

September 22, 2014

…we have failed.

  • If I Lose A Customer | Bottle In DesertFailed to listen closely enough.
  • Failed to communicate effectively enough.
  • Failed to provide enough value.

Not every customer lost is a failure. Customers’ needs change. Some customers move out of the market, some lose the ability to pay, and some simply no longer need our product or service.

Yet, if we look at why most customers are lost, a great many represent a failure of customer experience or of customer service.

Admitting failure is the first step. Action is the next.

Each lost customer is an opportunity to grow and to absorb the lessons that will help retain the next customer in line.

What can you learn from your lost customers?

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Note: A version of this post ran on October 4, 2012.



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