One Customer Is All It Takes…

April 21, 2014
Value of One Customer | Golden One

As we touched on recently in the The Magic Number in Customer Experience is Two, we can easily get sucked into data, cohorts, personas, analytics and the like and forget about the individual nature of our customers’ experiences. On the front lines and on the Internet, one customer can have a marked impact on our organizations.

One customer is all it takes…

  • To tell a friend how great your customer service is.
  • To put your entire team in crisis management mode.
  • To give you insightful and actionable feedback.
  • To sing your praises to 100 people.
  • To broadcast your failings to 1,000 people.
  • To make you reconsider your systems.
  • To make you reconsider your career choice. 🙂
  • To give you advanced warning of a larger issue.
  • To give you a great idea for a product enhancement.
  • To give your competition one more customer (and you one less).
  • To give you a heartfelt thank you that makes your day.

Data and numbers are the only ways to manage customer experiences in most organizations, but once in awhile we need remember to view our customer experience through a different lens.

Never forget the power and importance of one customer, for every number, no matter how large, is divisible by one.

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