What Are The Worst Customer Service Job Responsibilities?

February 7, 2020

What are the worst customer service job responsibilities? I’m not sure this question actually hits the reality of customer service very well. 

I don’t necessarily think there’s a particular responsibility that stands out as bad, maybe documenting customer interactions. That can be tedious. 

In customer service, it’s less about the responsibilities than the situations. There are situations with customers that are definitely worse than others and there are customer service job roles that are more challenging because they are focused on issue resolution, meaning the entire job is working with problems and challenges. 

It’s the difference between working at a clothing store, where maybe 5% or 10% of your interactions with customers are problems, and working a technical support call center for mobile phones, where every single call is a problem and every single caller is stressed out on some level. 

So, while there aren’t responsibilities that stand out as worse, there are service jobs where you face much higher concentration of tough situations.



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