Customer Experience Design: The Zappos Experience


In a few short years, Zappos has become known as one of the bellwether brands of customer service. I could write a whole book on how Zappos has risen to such great customer service heights (and others have); however, I want to take a look at one little slice of the Zappos experience: the customer experience created by the almost flawless user experience design of

To walk you through this topic, we have created a SlideShare that takes you through various screenshots and demonstrates how the Zappos user experience is designed around what its customers want.

And spoiler alert: Most social media “gurus” won’t like how Zappos treats social media (but the smart ones will!)

Click below to begin the SlideShare, and then let us what you think.



By Adam Toporek. Adam Toporek is a Customer Experience Strategist, franchise developer, and small business owner who runs the popular blog Customers That Stick. He is a customer experience speaker and the author of a forthcoming book on frontline customer service (AMACOM, Spring 2015). Adam’s ebook 7 Secret Customer Service Techniques Every Expert Knows has been downloaded in over 100 countries.

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  1. Bill Dorman

    Hey, I must be one of the smart ones; I get it…….:).
    Bill Dorman recently posted..There is no win-win in sales….My Profile

  2. extremelyavg

    I read this post and found it interesting for one reason, I’ve heard of Zappos and I’ve never paid close enough attention to know what they do. It made it hard for me to fully grasp the point of the post, so I’ve decided to go and see what they are all about.
    extremelyavg recently posted..Touched: Ch 16My Profile

    • extremelyavg

      Now I get it!!! Online shopping for clothes and stuff. I am, as a friend in high school once said, “A Fashion Victim”. Perhaps, that is why I never knew what Zappos did.
      extremelyavg recently posted..Touched: Ch 16My Profile

      • Adam Toporek says:

        See Brian, now my work here is done! :) Check out the shipping and return policy — that’s really how they built their business.

    • Adam Toporek says:

      Zappos is pretty impressive, and their CEO Tony Hsieh has been deservedly lauded for his approach to customer service. What I found most interesting was their approach to social media — which was not to push it at all on their home page.

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