Five Ways that Video Matters for Customer Experience

February 6, 2013

konoff_headshot_125x125Guest Poster: Andrew Konoff

It is my pleasure to introduce Andrew Konoff. Andrew is the Marketing and Community Manager at GoInstant, a co-browsing company. There, he runs a blog that focuses on bringing customer experience management to a broader audience. You can find him on Twitter as @andrewkonoff.

Last week I decided it was finally time to enter my organizational life into the digital sphere. “No more being solely responsible for keeping the maker of Post-it Notes in business,” I told myself as I looked at the hundreds of multi-colored sticky squares surrounding my computer, desk, windows, sink, etc.

My research quickly produced a few highly recommended apps of the to-do list variety, and of course I went straight to the website of each. Many sites contained videos depicting how the product would help me.

But some did not.

Now, I may be organizationally challenged, but I highly value my time. Wasting half an hour of my life to download a web app, install it, learn how it works, only to find that it does not fit my needs certainly does not appeal to me.

Eventually, I chose an app that had a great video showing exactly how the resource would benefit my life. I clicked “Download” and couldn’t be happier or more organized.

Why? Because the company chose to tell me about its product through video.

Here are five reasons video improves all customer experiences, just like it did mine.

1. Videos Show, They Don’t Tell


This concept precedes online video – I highly doubt more than 4 million Snuggies would have been sold if the makers relied on a print ad campaign that advertised a fleece blanket with arms. No, it was the commercials that showed how comfortable you could be in a fleece that allowed you to have your arm free to change the television channel.

2. Videos Cater to an Easily Distracted Audience

Studies have shown (link no longer available) that the average page view time for a webpage is 33 seconds. Without time to waste, videos get straight to the point and, due to their visual and auditory nature, are able to convey more information per second than other methods.

3. Videos K.I.S.S.

The Keep It Simple Stupid adage has been around for years, and video helps bring the acronym into the digital age. Take, for instance, the homepage for Just about the only thing on the screen is the link for a video, which shows exactly what the service does and how it can simplify your online life – all in just over two minutes.

4. Videos Enable Better Customer Service

Videos aren’t just for showcasing new products and services – they also create a great customer service option for existing customers.

Earlier this year, AT&T began offering a video bill to all new wireless customers, which details all bill charges. After the videos were introduced, per (link no longer available), the company reported fewer calls to its customer service call centers, and surveys showed that 90 percent of customers found the videos helpful.

5. Videos Are No Longer Optional

As more customers realize how helpful videos can be (and how much time they can save), the demand for video will grow even stronger. Videos are becoming just as expected in customer service as a social media presence and a customer service phone number.

As the reasons above demonstrate, online videos also offer also companies great opportunities to innovate their online marketing campaigns. The possibilities of how videos can help inform consumers are nearly endless.

Is your company using video as a customer service tool?


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4 thoughts on “Five Ways that Video Matters for Customer Experience”

  1. Andrew, I completely agree that videos are crucial to the customer experience. Like you, we have heavily considered companies over their competitors because they had helpful videos. I would like to see more companies use video to help their customers solve common problems or help them answer the most frequently asked questions. Great post!

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  3. Thanks Donna! It can be tricky to get video right – we’re noticing that with the material we’re making at GoInstant – but nothing in life worth having comes easy, right? 🙂

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