Introducing a New Guide to Customer Service Higher Education

January 12, 2015

Today we are releasing our new guide to customer service and customer experience higher education programs. The Customers That StickTM Guide to Customer Service Certificate and Degree Programs (link is no longer active) is designed to help shine a light on the growing importance of our field and to help generate interest in those higher learning institutions that are at the forefront of customer service and customer experience education.

Customers That Stick Guide to Online Customer Service Certificate and Degree Programs Banner

We believe this is a first-ever attempt to catalog and collect these programs in one location.

This project is extra meaningful to me because I am a graduate of one of the programs listed. I have a Certificate in Customer Experience from the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University. You can see its entry in the guide here (link is no longer active).

Please check out our press release and the actual guide (links are no longer active) for more information. Also, we would love any feedback on how we can grow and deepen this resource over time. If you have any suggestions, as always, please contact us.

4 thoughts on “Introducing a New Guide to Customer Service Higher Education”

  1. Congrats on your new higher education course(s), Adam and team. I’ve enjoyed watching you go from “glory to glory” with what you share and how you share it with the community. Anyone paying close attention can’t help but improve in the customer service arena.

    Kindest regards,
    Vernessa Taylor

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