December 4, 2014

5 Big Holiday Shopping Complaints
Surprising Things That Irk Customers

ORLANDO, FL–A new survey, The Holiday Shopping Experience: Customer’s Viewpoint 2014, conducted by CTS Service Solutions reveals how consumers feel about holiday shopping. From angry fellow shoppers to dangerous crowds, the survey reveals what customers are really experiencing during the holiday shopping period and how retailers are losing sales by frustrating customers.

Customer service expert Adam Toporek says, “Instead of focusing on the typical questions around holiday shopping sentiment, such as where customers planned to shop and how much they intended to spend, we wanted to find out what the experience was like for them – what have they seen, what has annoyed them, and how have they reacted.” The survey reveals new facts such as 68% of customers have seen another customer yell at a retail employee while holiday shopping and 78% of customers have gone to a store for an advertised holiday sale only to find the item sold out.

Invite Toporek to answer:

Smelly people, misbehaving kids, cellphone talkers: Who do people hate standing in line next to most?
Which are more common, rude sales clerks or screaming customers?
How often do customers just give up when confronted with a crowded parking lot or long checkout line?
Do customers really feel unsafe on major shopping days or is it all just hype?
Do retailers always honor the holiday promotions they advertise?

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