December 1, 2014

New Customer Experience Podcast “Crack The Customer Code with Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters” Launches Tomorrow

Orlando, FL—On December 4, 2014, a new podcast dedicated to “all things customer” is coming to the iTunes and Stitcher podcast platforms. Crack the Customer Code with Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters plans to bring fresh and sometimes conflicting perspectives to the topics of customer experience and customer service. Crack the Customer Code will bring some heat to a cold topic.

“Our industry can be pretty dry,” says Walters, “but it doesn’t have to be. I approached Adam about doing a podcast because we share the same big picture philosophies but we often have different perspectives on how to approach specific situations. Also, we love to debate each other!”

“And our first disagreement was whether or not we should do a podcast,” jokes Toporek. “You’ll even hear us kid about it in our first episode. It took some convincing, but when I realized we could make a show that delivered value to the listeners and could still be entertaining, I jumped in with both feet.”

Crack the Customer Code is dedicated to helping business professionals, small business owners, and customer-facing professionals learn the ins and outs of creating great customer experiences. With interviews and insights from a wide range of experts in the field, Crack the Customer Code will explore both timely and timeless topics, from how to increase customer loyalty through social media to why customers are more prone to lose control with companies nowadays.

Crack the Customer Code provides a peek behind the curtain of what customer experience professionals really know about customers and how to make them happy and keep them loyal.

The first four episodes feature interviews with Jackie Huba, Graeme Newell, and Mari Luangrath and will be available December 4, 2014 on iTunes and Stitcher.

Jeannie Walters is the Chief Customer Experience Investigator at 360Connext, and Adam Toporek is Customer Experience Strategist at CTS Service Solutions. Together, Walters and Toporek bring more than 20 years of customer experience expertise, working with organizations of all sizes all over the world.

To learn more about the Crack the Customer Code podcast or to download the first episodes, visit

About Crack the Customer Code with Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters Podcast

Synopsis: Based in Orlando and Chicago, Crack the Customer Code with Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters serves listeners interested in customer service, customer experience, and customer experience management.

Launch Date: December 4, 2014

Frequency: Weekly

Availability: Globally through iTunes and Stitcher platforms

For more information, contact Adam Toporek at (844) 287-7378 x1 or Jeannie Walters at (312) 676-1315 or visit the official website:

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