Inside Customer Service: The New Video Series


We are pleased to announce our new video series, Inside Customer Service!

The purpose of Inside Customer Service is to create short, easily digestible interviews with business professionals that get to the heart of what customer service is all about.  We wanted to hear from not only customer service and customer experience experts but also from business professionals with valuable customer service experience both inside and outside of their professional lives.

We hoped to try something a little different with Inside Customer Service, so we created a fixed interview format whereby each person would answer the exact same questions. The fixed format exposes viewers to the variety of approaches to customer service that can exist within a limited framework.

We narrowed the questions down to three:

What is the most outrageous customer service situation you have ever been involved in? | Video BannerWhat phrase or idea would you ban from customer service if you could? | Video BannerIf you could give one piece of customer service advice to companies today, what would it be? | Video Banner

We hoped that these questions would enable our experts to share interesting stories with real-world business applications with our community and, judging from the results so far, it has worked!

We have an awesome lineup to kick off Inside Customer Service, including …

So, please check out the first two videos in the series featuring Laura Click and Sean McGinnis!

Also, if you are interested in being featured on Inside Customer Service, contact us here.

What do you think of the new series?


By Adam Toporek. Adam Toporek is a Customer Experience Strategist, franchise developer, and small business owner who runs the popular blog Customers That Stick. He is a customer experience speaker and the author of a forthcoming book on frontline customer service (AMACOM, Spring 2015). Adam’s ebook 7 Secret Customer Service Techniques Every Expert Knows has been downloaded in over 100 countries.

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  1. Sean McGinnis

    Thanks for the invitation to participate Adam! Clearly I need a new camera! :)
    Sean McGinnis recently posted..How To Setup Google Authorship for Guest PostsMy Profile

  2. Laura Click

    Thanks for having me, Adam! This was a lot of fun. I hope it’s of some value you to your readers. I can’t wait to see who you have next!
    Laura Click recently posted..4 Remarkable Customer Service Stories You Don’t Want to MissMy Profile

  3. Adam, this is a great idea! Love the questions, too.

    Laura and Sean have both shared truly outrageous customer service stories, good and bad. I remember well Sean’s blog post about the creepy customer service stalking. That company would’ve lost my business as well.

    And Sean gives great advice here for CEOs and managers who want a first-hand look at the customer service side of their businesses. It reminds me of Undercover Boss!
    Michelle Quillin recently posted..How to Change Your Online Reputation and Make a DifferenceMy Profile

  4. Very, very cool: excellent guests, excellent content…just the right length of time. Keep ‘em coming. Cheers! Kaarina
    Kaarina Dillabough recently posted..What If Today You Got More Than You Asked For?My Profile

  5. Mark

    Excellent new video series, Adam!

    Laura and Sean were spot on with their tips… Nothing but quality work here and you’re just getting started…

    Looking forward to following this series : )
    Mark recently posted..Surviving Your Entrepreneurial JourneyMy Profile

  6. Bill Dorman

    First of all, if I was Sean I would be pissed…if you drug my tired ass to follow the lovely and beautiful Laura Click I would bring your site down. Talk about a no-win situation….and plus, why didn’t Sean’s words match his lips, did you have to translate from Chicagoan?

    Having said AND observed that, no, I won’t be requesting a spot unless I can do it with Mark Harai as our big ass heads will neutralize each other.

    All kidding aside, great job; I like the finished product.
    Bill Dorman recently posted..Whose team are you on anyway?My Profile

    • Adam Toporek says:

      What… are you the film critic for the Sentinel now? :) Okay, maybe it wasn’t too fair to have Sean follow Laura but his content was so awesome, he made it work.

      Unfortunately, Mr. Harai says he won’t work with you, so I think I will just have to have you follow Shonali and her awesome accent. Good luck with that one!

      Appreciate the props Bill! For real, we are going to have to get you to do one of these.

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