Can I Work a Customer Service Job from Home?

March 20, 2020

SPECIAL NOTE: This video was pre-recorded prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shutting down of many face-to-face businesses. While we certainly would have made it more current in content and tone for the current circumstances if recording today, we still think the underlying answer to this question is worth sharing.

Prior to the current situation, the ability to work customer service jobs from home was increasing both as the technology and benefits of a distributed workforce increased.

While the demand side of the equation is likely to be uncertain for some time, we believe that we will see the ability to work customer service jobs from home increase over the long term.


If there is one thing that has changed in modern customer service is the impact of technology not only on customers but on how organizations deliver customer service.

Many organizations have contact center employees both phone and chat, distributed throughout the country and the world all working from their homes, working flex time schedules or working full time.

In fact, there are software vendors that I know from the conferences I speak at who do nothing but provide the technology for these distributed teams.

If you have decent Internet and a suitable environment, there are a ton of opportunities to find a customer service jobs you can work from home. 



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