29 Customer Service Resolutions for 2014

January 2, 2014

With the new year upon us, we thought it would be fun to talk about some customer service resolutions you and your organization might want to make in 2014. Of course, well-conceived strategic goals are preferable to resolutions. However, it is the new year, and resolutions are the order of the day.

Like most resolutions, the resolutions below focus on the what, the how is a different matter.

We hope the following 29 resolutions can serve as inspirational tools to help you and your team deliver Hero-ClassTM Customer Service in 2014.

Also, feel free to use our SlideShare slide deck below as a visual motivator for your teams.

29 Customer Service Resolutions for 2014

  1. I will put customers at the center of my business.
  2. I will not let my team major in minor things.
  3. I will secret shop my business.
  4. I will update my phone scripts to be more customer centric.
  5. I will greet customers promptly and with a smile.
  6. I will make sure all customer-facing signage represents my brand.
  7. I will remember one unique thing about every customer I meet.
  8. I will accept customer returns with grace.
  9. I will focus on what I can do, not what I can’t.
  10. I will evaluate every part of my customer experience.
  11. I will put aside time to focus on the bigger picture.
  12. I will update my website to reflect current information.
  13. I will seek first to understand.
  14. I will monitor my social media channels to communicate with my customers.
  15. I will look my customers in the eye.
  16. I will prioritize maintenance and upkeep.
  17. I will embrace my customer across all relevant channels.
  18. I will remember the little things that create great experiences.
  19. I will listen to my customers… really listen.
  20. I will remember to serve my internal customer.
  21. I will think outside the box when solving customer issues.
  22. I will bring my A-game to work every day.
  23. I will invest in customer service training for my team.
  24. I will give my team the tools they need to create great customer experiences.
  25. I will help my teammates when they are struggling with a customer.
  26. I will put myself in the customer’s shoes.
  27. I will hire for attitude and train for skills.
  28. I will empower employees to make decisions in crucial customer moments.
  29. I will focus not just on the current experience but the next one.



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