33 Ways to Tap Into Your Internal Consultants

October 28, 2013

Consulting is an important mechanism for business process improvement and engaging an outside perspective can breathe new life into stagnant areas of your business.

In fact, a good c33 Ways to Tap Internal Consultants | Person with Gold Lightbulbustomer experience consultant can help your organization walk through your entire customer experience and identify the essential touchpoints that define your customer’s experience with your organization.

Yet, there is a treasure trove of wisdom sitting within your organization: your team.

These internal consultants can show you where processes break down and why, how projects are derailed and by who, and a whole host of other insights into the operation of your organization.

Of course, team members can often only see their piece of the puzzle, and the quality of the insights they share might be limited by their lack of a wider lens. However, just as often, their insights provide valuable intel that cannot be gained any other way.

Like an external consultant, your team members offer a variety of fresh perspectives that cannot be found in the manager’s office or the C-Suite.

So, below is a list of …

33 Ways to Tap Your Internal Consultants

First, a few different mechanisms for getting information:

  1. Surveys
  2. Brief Huddles
  3. Coffees
  4. Meals
  5. One-on-one Meetings
  6. Team/Group Meetings
  7. Workshops
  8. Conference Calls
  9. In-House Retreats
  10. Offsite Retreats

Now, some ideas of areas to explore with your internal consultants:

  1. Highest impact challenges
  2. Most common challenges
  3. Areas of excellence
  4. Areas of deficiency
  5. Operation inefficiency
  6. Cultural issues
  7. Personal issues affecting business performance
  8. Staffing levels
  9. Staffing quality
  10. Onboarding process
  11. Training effectiveness
  12. Additional training needed
  13. Inter-departmental communication
  14. Intra-departmental communication
  15. Regulatory compliance
  16. Bureaucratic challenges
  17. Client facing materials
  18. Effect of marketing on sales
  19. Effect of marketing on customer expectations
  20. Customer pain points
  21. Customer WOW moments
  22. Customer experience improvement
  23. Reactive service effectiveness

Obviously, this list could be a lot longer. It is meant to be a starting point for brainstorming. Skim through the choices and see what other ideas it inspires.

Your organization has a lot of wisdom within its walls. Make sure you make use of your internal consultants as much as possible. You will gain valuable information, and your team will enjoy greater buy-in.

It’s a win-win all around.



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