Sometimes WOW Only Takes 5 Seconds
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Sometimes WOW Only Takes 5 Seconds


My wife and I were at a local mall this past Sunday and stopped in a Johnny Rockets restaurant for lunch. If you are not familiar with Johnny Rockets, it’s a Fifties diner themed restaurant (my description, not the company’s), with a burger, fries and milkshake menu that completes the throwback ambience. The waitstaff is dressed in old school 1950’s diner attire, as seen below.

Sometimes WOW Only Takes 5 Seconds | Johnny Rockets Employee
Since Johnny Rockets is not a restaurant we frequent, I must admit that I did not have particularly lofty expectations about the level of service we were going to get from a teenaged waiter at a burger joint in the mall food court.

I suppose the joke was on me, because our waiter was friendly, had a good sense of humor, and was gracious in helping two (usually) health conscious people navigate the burger-laden menu. In addition, we observed a number of other waiters and waitresses, all seemingly delivering similar levels of service.

However, the part of the meal that stood out was when the waiter delivered our basket of french fries. After placing the fries between us, he put two individual condiment bowls in front of each of us, grabbed the ketchup dispenser off the table, and added some ketchup, just as you see below…

Sometimes WOW Only Takes 5 Seconds | Ketchup Smiley

It was a simple gesture, two little smiles that put even bigger smiles on both of our faces.

Did the fries taste better? Of course not. But it was a brief WOW that only took five seconds and cost nothing.

It’s great to dazzle customers, and it’s great to make grand gestures that will never be forgotten. But never forget that there are 5 second WOWs hiding all around you if you only take the time to look for them.

What 5 Second WOWs can you find in your business?

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